Weeds or Wishes

“Dagnabbit! An army of weeds has taken over the yard. Better call the weed guy.”

That’s how most people assess a backyard overrun with dandelions. But not children.

They see a thousand wishes. Thousands of flowers to give to mom.

It’s true: a backyard flush with dandelions can inspire an hour of exciting adventure for a five-year-old. The exact same backyard can also inspire an hour of expletive-laden adjectives for a fifty-year-old.

It’s the exact same scene. But an entirely different perspective.

The cool thing? You get to choose. And your choice can change everything. It’s the most important factor that determines the likelihood of your happiness and success. Believe it or not, most of the things we don’t like about life are changeable. The tricky part is that in order to get the result we desire, the first thing that needs to change is...us.

Is it really that simple? Actually, yes.

A change in perspective can change everything.