About Us

Welcome to the Lemonade Stand, the online purveyor of the world's finest Adultitis-fighting curiosities. Our aim is to offer high quality gifts, tools, and secret weapons that help you to escape adulthood (or at least the stupid, no-fun, stressed-out version of adulthood we often experience).

You should probably know that we are completely against customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is such a grown-up word. We deliver experiences, and we want you to be absolutely thrilled – tickled, pumped, stoked, you name it – with everything you purchase from us. That's why we proudly offer Boompa's 100% guarantee.

Much of this collection of cool stuff for the young at heart originated with a simple gesture to win a girl’s heart. Jason Kotecki created two lovable cartoon characters for his girlfriend Kim sometime before the turn of the century. The couple shared a kindred childlike spirit, and Jason used the drawings, which represented the couple as children, on many homemade (aka cheap) gifts designed to win her heart. Luckily for him, this downright sappy ploy helped him to not only win her heart, but also her hand in marriage.

The characters took on lives of their own and in 2000, the real Kim and Jason decided to build a company to share the comic strip and its inspiring message. The comic strip was retired in 2007, but the heart of the mission has only gotten stronger. That mission is to annihilate Adultitis by inspiring people to rekindle their childlike spirit and design a life filled with adventure, meaning, and joy.

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children as well. We want kids growing up today to have wonderful childhoods to look back on tomorrow. That's why we pledge 5% of all gross merchandise sales to organizations that help meet the needs and improve the lives of children. With over a hundred thousand dollars having been donated so far, Lemonade Stand patrons have played a big role in helping to save childhood for kids all over the world!

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your support, and remember, it's never too late to have a second childhood!