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Wonderhunt Card Deck (Series One)

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    What is Wonderhunt?
    Wonderhunt is the simple act of intentionally looking for wonder in an effort to reawaken your heart. It was created by Kim Kotecki in the midst of a challenging season in her life. An encounter with a breathtaking sunset during a desperate walk in the woods rekindled a sense of wonder within her. In the days that followed, she continued spending more time in nature and found herself grabbing her phone to capture the beauty and the inspiration her heart was experiencing. She likened it to a scavenger hunt for her soul. 

    Several years and hundreds of photos later, Kim was grateful that her soul began singing a new song. She developed Wonderhunt as a way to share the rejuvenating experience with others.

    Why Wonderhunt?
    Adultitis is a constant challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted, or consumed by anxiety, if your heart is heavy or you find yourself in a rut, it’s time to reawaken wonder!

    This set features 20 photo challenges and reflections you can turn to again and again for inspiration and guidance. Luxuriously printed in full color with a velvety soft-touch coating, you'll love keeping the pocket-sized cards close at hand.

    How Do I Wonderhunt?
    Keep these cards handy, on your desk, or in your car, a backpack, or purse. Pick a card from the deck, in order or randomly, (your choice!). Commit to accomplishing the fun photo challenge at some point throughout your day. (No photography experience needed – it’s just for fun!)

    Later in the day reflect on the “I Wonder” prompt and the photo you captured. The open-ended challenges allow you to do this repeatedly for maximum results. ;)

    Access the FREE Online Experience!
    To take things to the next level, visit to join a private, supportive community of fellow Adultitis Fighters and share your photos and thoughts about the challenges. We’ll cheer each other on, encouraging one another on this journey towards more inspired living to reawaken wonder, peace, and joy. 

    Wonderhunt Card Deck (Series One)
    Wonderhunt Card Deck (Series One)
    Wonderhunt Card Deck (Series One)
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