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Wind In Our Sails Original Art

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    This painting was inspired by a family vacation to Mexico and the culture’s great tradition of Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I like its focus on how much we owe to the people who came before us. American culture celebrates the independent spirit of the individual. But no one becomes successful by themselves.

    Life is a group effort. 

    I think about the people in my own life who have passed away: family members, teachers and coaches. Each one taught me something that I carry with me to this day.  

    My Grandma K. made me feel like I was special, just as I was. 

    My third grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, encouraged me to take my artistic talent seriously. 

    My Little League coach, Mr. Dawson, helped me believe that I was a winner. 

    Each of us is like that tiny sailboat. It can feel like we are drifting, alone, on a vast and overwhelming sea.  

    But we are not alone.  

    We have the wisdom, given to us by the people who have gone before us, charting our course. Their words and example live on as the wind in our sails, guiding us into a bright and colorful future. 

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    This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in a variety of sizes. (Prints and canvas reproductions available here.)

    24"x30" Original Painting. Oil on canvas, made with professional quality archival grade art materials. Comes finished in a matte black floater frame with a hanging wire.

    *Financing available on the original! Own this piece with 20% down and the balance paid off over six months. Contact us to learn more.

    Wind In Our Sails Original Art
    Wind In Our Sails Original Art
    Wind In Our Sails Original Art
    Wind In Our Sails Original Art
    Wind In Our Sails Original Art
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