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Stonehenge Original Art

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    There are many theories about what Stonehenge is, who built it, when it was built, and what purpose it served. Many theories, but nobody knows for sure. Of course, someone put them there. Someone had a reason for it. 

    Most theories assume it served some sort of “serious” purpose concerning astrological events or burial rituals. But maybe it was simply a good challenge that helped pass the time because nobody had invented cable yet. Maybe it was a primitive tourist attraction. Maybe it was just for fun. 

    People flock to Stonehenge not because they know what purpose it served, but because of the mystery. And mystery is fun. Plus it looks cool. Which is also fun. 

    Whimsy and fun are often seen as extra, nonessential. But fun is its own reason for being. 

    Imagine having the opportunity to jump into a pool of noodles. No child would ever wait until they could answer the question, “But what purpose does this serve?”

    People with Adultitis need data and statistics before they justify why having fun is important. They can be found, but if you ask me, most of them are common sense. 

    Employees that are having fun are happier and do better work.
    Customers that are having fun spend more money.
    Leaders that are having fun attract more followers. 

    These are theories that explain why we should take having fun seriously. Why not have fun simply because… it’s fun?

    We are constantly in the pursuit of happiness. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen someone having fun who is unhappy. Do we really need data to prove that a life filled with fun is better than one that isn’t? 

    Why did those ancient people build Stonehenge? I don’t know. 

    Why did I paint Stonehenge made out of ice cream sandwiches? Because I thought it would be fun.

    Sometimes, that’s the only reason you need.

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    This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in a variety of sizes. (Prints and canvas reproductions available here.)

    24"x30" Original Painting. Oil on canvas, made with professional quality archival grade art materials.

    *Financing available! Own this piece with 20% down and the balance paid off over six months. Contact us to learn more.

    Stonehenge Original Art
    Stonehenge Original Art
    Stonehenge Original Art
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