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Space Invaders Original Art

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    Some of you are old enough to remember the Atari video game system. A far cry from the advanced graphics we see in games today. And only one button!

    One of the most popular games was called Space Invaders, which I have featured prominently in this painting. It was a simple concept: you try to shoot as many aliens as you can as they descend down your screen. As the game continues, the aliens descend at an ever increasing speed. If they reach the bottom, the alien invasion is successful and the game ends.

    To me, this is a great metaphor for Adultitis, a disease that Kim and I have committed our lives to help defeat. All of you are familiar with this enemy, even if you’re hearing the name for the first time. It’s what happens when you lose your sense of wonder, your curiosity, and your childlike zest for life.

    Quite literally, Adultitis means “swelling of the adult.” And when you’re walking around with too much adult, your life is more stressful and less fun.

    Although I wish there was a magic potion or miracle cure that ended Adultitis once and for all, there just isn’t. Adultitis is always coming after us, just like those aliens. You can blast down a whole screen by going to Disney World, but on your first day back to work another wave is ready to strike.

    The key, I think, is to look at fighting Adultitis as a game. It’s most deadly when it hides in the shadows, convincing you to take yourself too seriously and getting you to focus on the negative.

    But if you notice where it tries to sabotage you and laugh at its advances, you can diffuse its power. Our family has had great fun in acknowledging when Adultitis has gained the upper hand, and we encourage one another to fight back. Extreme cases call for a pajama run or a spontaneous dance party in the kitchen.

    Sometimes, like the aliens, Adultitis advances past your defenses and wins the day. 

    The good news is that you can hit reset and start again.

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    This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in a variety of sizes. (Prints and canvas reproductions available here.)

    12"x12" Original Painting. Oil on canvas, made with professional quality archival grade art materials. Includes black floater frame.

    *Financing available! Own this piece with 20% down and the balance paid off over six months. Contact us to learn more.

    Space Invaders Original Art
    Space Invaders Original Art
    Space Invaders Original Art
    Space Invaders Original Art
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