Never Say Never Mug

$ 15.00

Thinking we know how everything will turn out is foolish. Nobody really knows anything. The word “never” seems so certain and sure of itself.

He will never walk again.

I’ll never get out of debt.

She’ll never turn her life around.

I’ll never figure this out.

We’ll never make it out of this situation.

Never seems permanent. But it only seems that way. The world is changing at an amazing rate. New cures are discovered. New technology is invented. New opportunities emerge. New people walk into your story.

Never say never. There’s never not a chance you might be wrong.

This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug is an essential to your cupboard. This brawny bad boy withstands heat in the microwave and as many dishwasher cycles as you'd like to throw at it. Plus, it makes your beverages tastes remarkably Adultitis-free.

• Ceramic!
• Dishwasher safe!
• Microwave safe!
• Glossy!
• Free handle!

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