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Like a Boss Original Art

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    Life can feel like a high wire act. You’re doing your best to juggle everything on your plate: your job, your family, your finances; and just when you think everything is going pretty well, you glance down and see someone whose yard looks way better than yours.

    I’m not here to tell you what’s important to you. I’m just here to remind you that it can’t ALL be. 

    The people who are running around like chickens with their head cut off trying to keep up with an impossible standard of balancing everything perfectly are making a huge mistake. Not only is such a standard impossible to attain, they’re allowing the busyness to distract them from what’s most important. 

    The people who are doing life right are the ones who are mindful of what kind of life they want to live and are focused on that.

    How do you tackle life like a boss? 

    Stay focused on what’s most important to you. Ignore the rest.

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    This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in a variety of sizes.

    (Prints and canvas reproductions available here.)

     16"x20" Original Painting. Oil and mixed media on canvas, made with professional quality archival grade art materials.  Comes finished in a matte black floater frame with a hanging wire.

    *Financing available! Own this piece with 20% down and the balance paid off over six months. Contact us to learn more.

    Like a Boss Original Art
    Like a Boss Original Art
    Like a Boss Original Art
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