Just You Wait

$ 14.95

Kim and Jason Kotecki had spent eight years building a business to help people be more childlike in order to create lives with less stress and more fun. They traveled around the country educating audiences about Adultitis and sharing ways to eradicate it from their lives. Many people were receptive to the message, but there were plenty of skeptics, too. “Just wait until you have kids,” they’d say. “Then you’ll be singing a different tune. Kids are the cause of Adultitis.”

Eventually, the duo discovered that they would in fact be blessed by a child. Determined to see if their Adultitis-fighting principles would still work for them as parents, they decided to keep secret journals. Every week for the entire first year of parenthood, they each recorded their thoughts, fears, failures, and successes. What resulted was a deeply honest, humorous, and insightful look at the ups and downs of being new parents.

Every unvarnished journal entry has been collected in this book. Parents of all sorts – and especially first-timers – will enjoy following along with Kim and Jason on their journey into parenthood and will be left strengthened, inspired, and hopeful that children may not be the cause of Adultitis after all.

226 pages.
Black and white interior.
Lots of photographs featuring a cute baby named Lucy.

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