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Escape Adulthood

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    Do you ever have the urge to resign from being an adult? Are you burned out by the stresses that come with being a grown-up and wish you could be six again - far, far away from the mountains of paperwork and mortgage payments, credit card debt and computer crashes? Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you're never going to be six again. But relief is within your grasp, because the secrets of childhood are timeless, and they're available to you right now, no matter how "grown-up" you may be. In this humorous and inspiring book, artist and speaker Jason Kotecki invites you to escape adulthood. He uncovers some of the values that come so easily to children, the ones many of us outgrew as we grew up. Filled with funny anecdotes, real-world examples, and practical advice, this book will help you to:
    • Break free from the stress of the fast-paced rat race to find real happiness.
    • Discover new opportunities to create financial success for yourself.
    • Become more energized and productive at home and at work.
    • Improve your health, decreasing your chances of heart disease and cancer.
    • Gain peace of mind about the things that worry you most.
    • Create a family dynamic that is more fun, loving, and supportive.

    "Thanks for sharing 'Escape Adulthood.' I wasn't prepared for it to be so good!"
    --Lynn Johnston, creator of the comic strip For Better or For Worse

    "I've been able to avoid adulthood for 42 years and it has given me a life I love."
    --Patch Adams, Gesundheit! Institute

    Author Jason Kotecki is an engaging speaker and the creator of Kim & Jason, the internationally known comic strip about childhood. His humorous insights will leave you encouraged, entertained, and inspired.

    You may not be able to be six again, but with this book you will begin to rediscover your childlike spirit, resulting in a more happy and fulfilled life while increasing your chances of changing the world.

    Get a sneak peek! Download some free samples from the book:

    Escape Adulthood
    Escape Adulthood
    Escape Adulthood
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