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⏳ This mini print is a timed release and is available to order until 12/31/22.

the story

It was the mid-90s. Jason and I had only been in the same room together four times with mutual friends, and yet somehow we found ourselves in a deep conversation, just the two of us, about our dreams for the future. 

“Where would you like to live?” became the question that inspired passion within each of us and at the end of it all, we agreed wholeheartedly that Idaho would be an awesome spot, what with all of the tall pine trees and lakes and all. 

Yes, with stars in our eyes, at ages 17 and 19, Idaho seemed pretty perfect to both of us.

Fast forward to our 20th wedding anniversary, after years of collectively dreaming of living on a lake surrounded by tall pine trees, and we both knew where we had to go to celebrate our two decades of married life, to one of the only states we had not yet visited together: Idaho!

Amazingly, we ended up in a little town in the northern panhandle called, “Hope” and found ourselves dreaming B!G again, dreams of the next 20 years, dreams of our someday lake home surrounded by tall pines, and dreams of the work we would do together as a couple, business partners and parents.

We tend to do our best dreaming while walking and talking, and while on one of our many hikes during that trip, I picked up this pine cone for a picture. 

I noticed the true meaning only later when I connected the aspirations of this pine cone to be a full-fledged pine tree someday. So much hope, found in Hope, Idaho.

Dreaming big dreams is a powerful process, one fueled by faith, purpose, and passion.

This picture reminds me to keep asking the B!G questions with my partner-in-crime. My dreams will not only stay alive decades later, they may even quite possibly come true!

Dream B!G.


product details

Collectible. Giftable. Mix & Matchable. The Mini*Print Collection by Escape Adulthood is a fresh and exciting way to collect art that fills your life with hope and joy.

This wonder-filled and whimsical collection features paintings from Jason and photography by Kim. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist, making each print a special, one-of-a-kind treasure.

Ideal for folks with limited space, the 6x6-inch size allows for maximum flexibility: Display your current favorite on your desk or nightstand and refresh the look seasonally with new pieces. Combine several prints to create a breathtaking presence on a wall in your home or office. Or pair a print with one of our classy acrylic block magnet frames for a thoughtful recognition gift.

Although a small core collection of our most popular prints are always available, most of the Mini*Prints are offered as limited edition timed releases. That means the prints are available for a certain amount of time – usually just a few days or weeks – and the edition size is determined by however many have sold in that span of time.
  • 6 x 6 inches
  • Giclée printed with archival quality inks on 68lb satin luster paper
  • hand-signed by the artist
  • acrylic block magnet frame sold separately


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