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Avengers Original Art

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    This tribute to the Avengers is from the Pop Culture People series, an exhibition that features celebrities and important pop culture icons reimagined as nostalgic vintage toys.

    I’m not sure where I came up with the idea of turning famous people into iconic Fisher Price Little People, but it seems like the more I make, the more ideas I get for new ones! My favorite part is trying to figure out how to translate the person or character into the “language” of the classic toy. Little People have a certain vocabulary (no arms or feet, specific facial features, etc.) that I try to work within, while capturing the likeness of the subject. I’m open to using a little artistic license, but if I stray too much, the less it looks like a real Little People toy.

    Celebrity and fandom has always been an interesting subject to me. What better way to celebrate these larger-than-life personalities than by transforming them into fun little toys?

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    This is an original work of art by Jason Kotecki and there are no immediate plans to make prints of this piece.

    - Oil on birch wood panel. Each panel is 4 × 6 x 1.5 inches.
    - Hang them on your wall with the sawtooth hanger, or simply stand them on a desk or shelf.
    - Hand-signed by the artist.
    - Includes certificate of authenticity.

    Avengers Original Art
    Avengers Original Art
    Avengers Original Art
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