Happy Girls Are Prettiest Pillow

$ 32.00

No one ever died at the age of one hundred looking like a nineteen-year-old.

Meanwhile, the attempts to be the first woman who does have been disastrous. We’ve all seen the botox-injected, filler-filled, face-lift-fueled celebrities who have gone down this road with unfortunate results. Let’s face it: The sixty-year-old ladies trying to look thirty, don’t. They look creepy. They make the clown from the Stephen King classic It afraid of clowns.

And ultimately, they’re not fooling anyone. Instead, they are a sad reminder to everyone that they used to be young and are trying their damnedest to avoid getting old.

But you know what? The women who embrace who they are and own the season of life they are in are incredibly sexy.

Confidence is sexier than any cream. But confidence comes from within, not from a container or a syringe.

That deep love for fun, the sparkle in your eye, the hint of mischief … that my dear, is true beauty.

This soft pillow is an excellent addition that gives character to any space. It comes with a soft polyester insert that will retain its shape after many uses, and the pillow case can be easily machine washed. And it's completely cut, sewn and printed in the USA.

• 18x18”
• machine washable cover
• concealed zipper
• printed on both sides
• pillowcase cover: 80% polyester, 20% fleece
• pillowcase insert: 100% polyester

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