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Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳

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    📅 Release Date: February 7, 2023

    🗂️ Series: EA Live and Timed Release ⏳

    ⏳ This mini print is a timed release and is available to order until 02/28/23.

    the story

    When we look back on a given year, it’s easy to identify the massive oak trees and tall pines that stand as signposts: the weddings and the funerals, the epic vacations, and the major accomplishments. But we often overlook the small blessings – the birds within the trees, if you will.

    I have a simple practice that makes it easier to spot those so-called birds. Once a day, I write down one happy moment from the day before. That’s it. One moment. One line. No paragraph or story or context.

    This collection of happy moments become souvenirs of a wonderful journey. Perhaps even more than the achievements and milestones, they give me a feeling of aliveness and a sense that my year was spent well. They’re reminders of what makes life worth living, and that I’ve been blessed in myriad ways, despite the defeats and sorrows that also populated the previous year.

    It’s easy to overlook the small songbirds hidden in the forest of our life. But when we invest a few seconds to jot down one happy moment a day, reading them at the end of the month or year is magical. It’s like experiencing a sublime symphony, with each note harmoniously contributing its voice to a melody that slowly builds to a soaring crescendo of gratitude.

    It becomes a hallelujah chorus, exulting the glorious gift of being alive.

    product details

    Collectible. Giftable. Mix & Matchable. The Mini*Print Collection by Escape Adulthood is a fresh and exciting way to collect art that fills your life with hope and joy.

    This wonder-filled and whimsical collection features paintings from Jason and photography by Kim. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist, making each print a special, one-of-a-kind treasure.

    Ideal for folks with limited space, the 6x6-inch size allows for maximum flexibility: Display your current favorite on your desk or nightstand and refresh the look seasonally with new pieces. Combine several prints to create a breathtaking presence on a wall in your home or office. Or pair a print with one of our classy acrylic block magnet frames for a thoughtful recognition gift.

    Although a small core collection of our most popular prints are always available, most of the Mini*Prints are offered as limited edition timed releases. That means the prints are available for a certain amount of time – usually just a few days or weeks – and the edition size is determined by however many have sold in that span of time.
    • 6 x 6 inches
    • Giclée printed with archival quality inks on 68lb satin luster paper
    • hand-signed by the artist
    • acrylic block magnet frame sold separately
    Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳
    Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳
    Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳
    Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳
    Hallelujah Chorus Mini Print - Timed Release ⏳
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