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Wonderhunt Book

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    Wonderhunt is the simple act of intentionally looking for wonder in an effort to reawaken your heart. It was created by Kim Kotecki in the midst of a challenging season in her life. An encounter with a breathtaking sunset during a desperate walk in the woods rekindled a sense of wonder within her. In the days that followed, she continued spending more time in nature and found herself grabbing her phone to capture the beauty and the inspiration her heart was experiencing. She likened it to a scavenger hunt for her soul.

    Several years and hundreds of photos later, Kim was grateful that her soul began singing a new song. She developed Wonderhunt as a way to share the rejuvenating experience with others

    This inspirational daily reader is a 31-day journey back to wonder. The gorgeous, full-color book features daily reflections, photo challenges, and journal prompts, accompanied by photos from Kim's Wonderhunts, as well as contributions from fellow Wonderhunters. It’s an accessible book, one that fits nicely in your bag, inviting you to engage in this mindful practice amidst the busy day-to-day.

    Wonderhunt is a scavenger hunt for weary souls that will inspire you to:

    • Reclaim peace and joy in the everyday
    • Be more present in the moment
    • See life with new eyes of hope
    • Find the miraculous in the mundane
    • Reawaken your soul in a way that changes everything


    “I want to tell you how much your beautiful book Wonderhunt inspired me. I would not put the book down until I finished reading it. You have a gift of inspiring others with your insights and beautiful way to express your thoughts.” -Mary Jean Weihman

    “I just want to thank you so much for the Wonderhunt book! It has brought me to tears! It has really opened my eyes to how important it is to also take care of yourself. So, I will work hard to make time for myself. Thank you!” –Karen 

    "I want to thank you and try to explain to you the incredible and beautiful experience that Wonderhunt provides. It goes so deep. It’s not necessarily only the benefit that I personally gain, but what you have created and put out to the world. On one level, it gets one excited to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We get to be a part of a community that is encouraging and safe. It’s also fun to look forward to see what others are seeing, especially from different perspectives. It gives a state of belonging. In a world where so many feel isolated and lonely, you’ve given them a chance to belong and participate, at their own pace, in something that is simple and thoughtful. That is incredible! You have created a space for introverts and extroverts to come together and shine!” - Carolyn Straight

    Wonderhunt Book
    Wonderhunt Book
    Wonderhunt Book
    Wonderhunt Book
    Wonderhunt Book
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