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Good Fortune Enamel Pin (Limited Edition)

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    Lucky is winning a game of Candyland against my daughter.

    Most things in life that seem lucky are often anything but.

    Where you are born, who your parents are, the color of your skin, and genetics could all be considered “luck.” But having been dealt what some consider advantages is no guarantee of success, and a lack of them does not ensure failure.

    True joy and fulfillment is the result of fashioning a life that utilizes our gifts to the best of our ability in the service of others.

    Luck is out of your control. But you know what isn’t? Finding the courage, discipline, and persistence to try something that might not work. See also: Putting in the hours, perfecting your craft, and getting back up after you fail.

    You have the good fortune to be alive, right now, with an abundance of realized and untapped gifts and talents. What you do with them next has nothing to do with luck.

    Want some good fortune? Be good at what you do, and be a good person.

    Spend your life working on that, and the luck part has a way of taking care of itself.

    * LIMITED EDITION! * Only 100 of these collectible pins have been produced. Grab yours before they're all gone!

    • Black nickel plated pin with color enamel and special glitter accents
    • Metal butterfly clutch
    • Measures approximately 1.25" tall x 1.25" wide
    • Packaged with a handsome backing card



    Good Fortune Enamel Pin (Limited Edition)
    Good Fortune Enamel Pin (Limited Edition)
    Good Fortune Enamel Pin (Limited Edition)
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