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Boss Lady Limited Edition 5x7 Canvas

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    This little bird is the boss, but I’m not talking about her title.

    I’m talking about her attitude, her fabulousness, and the way this winged wonder enters a room like she owns the whole building.

    You might be surprised to learn that she wasn’t always this way. She was shy, not all that confident, and cared way too much about what other people thought. She was a bird who blended in. Oh, she wanted to be bold, chase her dreams with unabashed determination, and let the birdseed fall where it may. But she wasn’t sure how. She wasn’t certain that she had it in her.

    Then she bought these glasses.

    As you can imagine, she gets lots of compliments on them, but she doesn’t wear them for the attention. She wears them for herself.

    While wearing them, she somehow feels more fun and adventurous, like a bird who doesn’t back down from fear, a bird proud of who she is, a bird intent on making the most of her one wild and precious life.

    This little bird always wanted to be a rock star, but don’t be fooled; the glasses didn’t cause the change. They merely helped remind her that she already was.

    It’s funny, but whether it’s a pair of red shoes, a streak of color in your hair, or some funky new eyeglass frames, sometimes we need an outward sign to remind ourselves how awesome we are on the inside.

    Before you know it, you start believing it.

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    The original oil painting of this fabulous bird was sold at Wondernite in an auction that had a ton of bidders. Of course, there could only be one winner, so we decided to make some high-quality reproductions available for anyone else who resonates with this spunky little firecracker.

    We only made 24 of these 5"x7" canvas gems, and each one is numbered and signed by the artist.

    Boss Lady Limited Edition 5x7 Canvas
    Boss Lady Limited Edition 5x7 Canvas
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