Willing To Relocate Puzzle

$ 25.00

A good puzzle is a brain-sharpening pastime, a fun way to bond with your favorite people, and a unique way to enjoy Jason’s whimsical artwork. This 10x14-inch, 252-piece puzzle comes in a handsome metal tin for safekeeping.

about the art

When Kim and I decided to move to Madison after we got married, neither of us had jobs, or job prospects for that matter. Now, we didn’t have to leave home. It was fine and it offered opportunity. But we wanted an adventure to call our own, and suspected that the life we wanted to live would require a change of scenery.

And so we were willing to relocate.

We had to leave behind that which was familiar in order to grow into who we were meant to become. Sometimes we have to be willing to relocate in order to make our dreams come true. Of course, that might mean moving across town, or across the country.

But it might mean moving into a different group of friends.

It might mean moving from where are customers are today to where they will be tomorrow.

It might mean moving into a new way of seeing ourselves.

If you are not satisfied with your life as it is now, you have to be willing to relocate from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you want to experience the summit, you have to say goodbye to sea level.

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