The Burger King Puzzle

$ 25.00

A good puzzle is a brain-sharpening pastime, a fun way to bond with your favorite people, and a unique way to enjoy Jason’s whimsical artwork. This 10x14-inch, 252-piece puzzle comes in a handsome metal tin for safekeeping.

about the art

Some people will do anything to avoid looking the least bit silly in public. We won’t even raise our hands to ask a question, if we think everyone else already knows the answer.

Elite comedians are willing to go shockingly beyond that line. They go so over-the-top in their commitment to the bit, owning it in a way that clearly shows that they simply don’t care how silly they look.

Amy Poehler rightly said, “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” 

The fact that this lion – one of the most powerful creatures on Earth – is wearing a silly little paper crown from a fast-food joint does nothing to minimize that power. 

Are you going to be the one to tell him he looks like an idiot?

Even if you did, it’s pretty clear that he wouldn’t care one whit about your opinion.

We can’t control the opinions of others. Own the power that comes from being you and not caring about what other people think. You are amazing, talented, and wonderfully made, just the way you are. 

When you can own that? Well, that’s as powerful as you can be.

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