Once Upon a Time DVD

$ 20.00

Artist, author, and speaker Jason Kotecki masterfully combines hilarious anecdotes, uplifting stories, and powerful imagery to inspire you to look at your life as a story. Is it a good one? Full of fun, adventure, and meaning?

In this 70-minute presentation, Jason describes the villainous condition known as Adultitis, and helps you determine your current level of infection. You'll examine rules that don't exist that you may be unknowingly following, and discover some simple and inexpensive ideas for creating a treasure chest of great scenes for your story. Jason’s message has been described as a cross between Dr. Phil and Mr. Rogers. He excels at helping people turn stress into laughter and reawaken their childlike spirit. After every program, attendees comment about how many people they wish could have been there to hear the message. This DVD was created to provide audience members the opportunity to relive their own experience and share it with others.

Your funny bone will be tickled and your heart touched in this powerful program about putting first things first in order to live a remarkable story. 

The DVD features a full 70-minute program that was recorded live in Chicago, Illinois, as well as a few other surprise special features.

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