Enjoy The Ride Puzzle

$ 25.00

A good puzzle is a brain-sharpening pastime, a fun way to bond with your favorite people, and a unique way to enjoy Jason’s whimsical artwork. This 10x14-inch, 252-piece puzzle comes in a handsome metal tin for safekeeping.

about the art

This painting was inspired by a vacation in Mexico and the beautiful tradition of Dia de Muertos, and thoughts of love ones who have come before. 

Life can seem like such a slog sometimes. A constant struggle of trying to get ahead, putting out fires, overcoming one obstacle after another. It can feel like we’re in survival mode, and it takes everything we’ve got just to make it through the day. 

It’s easy to grow tired and become discouraged, maybe even bitter and a little angry. 

This is because we don’t have perspective. 

Our ancestors, who have already traversed this lifespan and have seen what’s beyond, have a different perspective than we do. 

They are now able to see the big picture. They went through the valleys, but their purpose was ultimately revealed. They have the full understanding that the journey is shorter than we realize. Like us, they experienced darkness, but they have received the gift of perspective that allows them to see the beauty in it all.  

If the loved ones who have gone before us could give us advice, it might just be this: enjoy the ride. 

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