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The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun DVD Set

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    The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun is a video a week for a year with an inexpensive and easy idea for having fun with your family, whether your family is made up of young kids, older kids, or no kids at all! This began as a 100% digital product, but then people wanted to give it as a gift. Hence, this DVD set was born. It includes all 52 entertaining videos. 

    How it Works

    With Cheap Family Fun, you get a video a week for an entire year. Each short and entertaining video (less than three minutes!) features Kim and Jason sharing an idea for a completely free (or dirt cheap), easy-to-implement, and outrageously fun activity that will involve the WHOLE family. We give you the step-by-step instructions you need to get rolling right away, and leave room for you to add your own dash of creativity. Oh, and you probably already have everything you need lying around the house. In short, we’ve taken out all of the thinking and most of the expense, but kept in all the memory-making fun. This product is PERFECT for families who:

    • Have kids ages 4 and up — even college!!
    • Are working within a budget and/or are super busy.
    • Realize that kids grow up fast and want to create a ton of memories before they leave the nest.
    • Would like entertainment options that don’t involve computers, tv, and video games for a change.
    • Want to grow closer together by creating common experiences that involve everyone in the family.
    • Want to stress less and have a LOT more fun!

    What People Are Saying...

    “We like that most of the activities aren’t just a ‘one and done’ kind of thing. Doing it one night just lends to something funnier the next.” –Trent Howell, Utah

    “My favorite part of Cheap Family Fun is the video itself. I look forward to seeing both of you “face-to-face” and hearing about the new trick on how to have fun. It puts it all together and is easy to follow through than if I might have just read the tip in a book or online. The money is well worth it. You spend money all kinds of ways with your kids and maybe for yourself…why not bring some true value on the weekly $1 you spend for Cheap Family Fun?” –Elisa Uhrynowski, Connecticut

    “Thanks for being my motivation for doing something like this with my family and friends. I can’t say thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on the way I’m trying to live my life. I feel that my kids are getting much more enjoyment out of the parent I’ve become since making a defined effort NOT to be too grown up all the time.” –Shelley Storhoff, Wisconsin

    “I really like that Cheap Family Fun can be quick and easy. You don’t realize how quickly you spend $50 bucks on stuff but the ideas from Cheap Family Fun lasts and lasts and is worth the investment.” –Maryalice Thomas, New Jersey

    The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun DVD Set
    The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun DVD Set
    The Kim & Jason Guide to Cheap Family Fun DVD Set
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