Celebrate Everything 2020 Wall Calendar

$ 15.00

We print a limited number of these calendars each year, and once they're gone, they're gone!

Too many people treat the calendar as the utmost authority on what constitutes a good reason to celebrate. If a holiday is written in fine print on a particular day in the calendar, we assume it’s safe to throw a party.

But the truth is that every single day is a holiday; it’s just that most days, what to celebrate is up to you. If a reason seems good enough to you, well then, it’s good enough.

This limited edition calendar was created for those times when you’re just not sure what to celebrate, as well as for those people who need permission first. Of course, disregarding a particular day’s “official” holiday in favor of making up your own is always encouraged.

  • This 12-month wall calendar features the colorful, whimsical, and inspiring artwork of Jason Kotecki.
  • Every single day includes a real holiday typeset in legit, official-looking fine print.
  • Every month features an open-ended challenge to help you keep Adultitis at bay all year long.
  • The calendar is 12" x 12" and measures 12" x 24" when hung on wall.
  • Printed with stunning UV inks on 100 lb matte paper, and the cover has a special soft-touch aqueous coating for a luxurious, velvety feel. Like a baby's butt.
  • Certified 100% Adultitis-free.
  • Only 2,500 calendars have been printed.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • A perfect Christmas gift!
"I wanted to tell you how much FUN we are having with the 'Celebrate Everything' calendar.  My kids run downstairs to check what day it is every morning like it was Christmas morning. It has brought so much life and fun to our house and I just wanted to thank you. Tonight - we will be throwing shrimp on the barbi in honor of Australia Day. :-)" –Lesia Gemelli

* * * * *

"The Celebrate Everything calendar brightens my life! It is whimsical and fun and reminds me to take life a little less seriously, to focus on the positive and generally have a brighter attitude. I love it. The art work is so happy and I wish I had one for each room of the house and work. It is that good." –Cassie Z, Escape Adulthood Insider

a great fundraising opportunity!

The calendars make for a great fundraising campaign, as you can earn $10 per calendar if you buy as few as 20!

what are people doing with the calendars?

• Jennifer from a technical college purchased 20 calendars for their Education Club Fundraiser.  

• An orthodontist near Green Bay is giving them them to the staff of their top referring offices that attended a meeting at which Jason presented.

• A sales rep in Portland ordered 20 calendars to distribute to some special administrators that she works with throughout schools and districts in Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

• Barbara from Pennsylvania ordered a bunch of calendars to use as Christmas gifts for her staff.

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