A Little Whimsy Puzzle

$ 25.00

A good puzzle is a brain-sharpening pastime, a fun way to bond with your favorite people, and a unique way to enjoy Jason’s whimsical artwork. This 10x14-inch, 252-piece puzzle comes in a handsome metal tin for safekeeping.

about the art

The mane on this giraffe is pink and purple. In the early stage of this painting, the spots were different colors, too. But as it developed, I decided to go with more natural colors. Except for the mane, of course. And that whimsical twisty straw.

The moment we have fully succumbed to Adultitis is the moment we turn down a twisty straw for a regular one.

Want to transform your business, environment, or make life feel a little bit more magical? Here’s the secret: Add a little whimsy.

Please note! I said “a little.” Like a single drop of food coloring in a pitcher of water, a little whimsy is enough to transform everything.

For me, the giraffe in this painting represents this concept. Too much whimsy and no one takes you seriously. Just the right amount and the world takes notice.

It adds a little color and zest to a life that may have veered too far into the gray.

On the whole, it’s tempting to see these little touches as frivolous, superfluous, insignificant. But they actually do something quite important: They have the power to uplift the human spirit. Something we need now more than ever.

Never underestimate the power of a little whimsy.

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