Fun Capsule: Hospital Fun

$ 20.00

Nobody typically thinks about having fun at the hospital. In fact, hospitals are a favorite a breeding ground for Adultitis. Which is a bit of a problem, because humor and laughter have been proven to significantly impact the healing process and lift the spirits of patients and their families. Not surprisingly, Adultitis and boredom really set in when hospital stays extend to days, weeks or even months. Blech.

What can be done to pass the time, keep spirits up, and have fun during these long hospital days?

That’s the question we asked Kim & Jason Nation via our newsletter and our Facebook page, and they responded with HUNDREDS of awesome ideas. Seriously, they were really, really good, and most came from real life experiences.

We decided to assemble the best 52 ideas we received from our fans and readers into a Kim & Jason Fun Capsule that features Adultitis-busting prescriptions for making hospital stays more fun. Reminiscent of homemade memory jars, this Fun Capsule is stuffed with 52 individually folded slips of paper, each printed with a unique idea that will brighten the day of patients of all ages, as well as their families and visitors.

A super neat gift idea that looks great on the shelf, recipients can pull out a random slip whenever they are in need of a fun power up. It’s a surefire Adultitis antidote and a great way to lift spirits and bond families during difficult times and long days at the hospital.

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